NOTICE: Campus is open, and we are enrolling! Please review our Common Questions & Answers regarding COVID-19 and Davis Tech.

NOTE: Student Services, Financial Aid and Assessment have new Friday hours

NOTE: Davis Technical College is not currently taking cash or personal checks. All financial transactions must be by Credit/Debit Card or AR Vouchers.

The events this year have been unprecedented, and we appreciate your resilience during these difficult times. Beginning in early March, Davis Tech implemented measures that kept us open for students and allowed flexibility to help our students navigate online and unique classroom circumstances. As we continue to adjust to our new normal, we will be moving back to the standards that will ensure we are meeting federal and Council of Education guidelines at Davis Tech.

Beginning Monday, July 27 the following measures will be reinstituted:

  • Davis Tech is resuming normal guidelines for student attendance. Attendance will now be taken based on student’s attendance in a lab, clinical, or face-to-face instruction, or on progress made in Canvas and in Northstar
  • Students completing online content may continue to make progress
  • Fees will be assessed as normal in Student Services. These will include course extension, re-enrollment, retake fees and tuition
  • Course extensions will no longer be extended indefinitely. If extensions are needed they will be the normal 5 days, and at the student’s expense. Extenuating circumstances requiring longer extensions, such as catastrophic occurrences will be applied on a case by case basis and will be available for students affected by COVID-19

Please reach out to your program assistants (below) or your instructors to re-activate your course or training plan, or if you have any questions.


  • School of Business & Technology, and School of Construction: Christine Fresh – 801-593-2040
  • School of Health Professions: Heidi Anderton – 801-593-2362
  • School of Manufacturing, and School of Transportation: Renae Sturdevant – 801-593-2494
  • School of Service Professions: Sheresa Tebbs – 801-593-2431

We appreciate our students' hard work throughout these last few months, and look forward to seeing you on campus.

Café Weekly Lunch Specials (Oct 26 - Oct 30)

  • SOUP: Bacon Potato Chowder
  • SPECIAL: Monte Cristo Sandwich, O’Brien Potatoes, Orange Slice
  • DESSERT: Chocolate Parfait
  • SOUP: Mexican Meatball
  • SPECIAL: Beef Burrito, with Rice and Beans
  • DESSERT: Cherry Turnover
  • SOUP: Cream of Mushroom
  • SPECIAL: Turkey Panni with Pesto and Roasted Red Peppers, Side Salad
  • DESSERT: Pumpkin Roll
  • SOUP: Tomato
  • SPECIAL: Alfredo Pasta, with Andouille Sausage Roasted Vegetables
  • DESSERT: Eclairs
  • SOUP: Chef's Choice
  • SPECIAL: Friday Fries: Philly Cheese
  • DESSERT: Cookie