High School Students

Work toward a high-demand career while you’re still in high school. Davis Tech offers programs to current high school students so you can get a head start on your higher education.

  • At Davis Tech you can avoid student debt by attending our programs tuition free while still in high school. The only thing you’re responsible for are your materials and equipment and a $40 annual fee.
  • We know high school can get busy, so Davis Tech offers flexible schedules that can be built into your current high school classes. Classes are available during the day and in the evening, plus we offer summer courses.
  • After you graduate high school, you can easily continue your program with us. If you decide to transfer to a university, up to 30 credit hours can be applied to an A.A, A.A.S or B.S. Learn more about our Transfer Options


  1. Talk to your CTE coordinator about eligible programs (below)
    Your CTE coordinator will send your high school transcripts to Davis Tech
  2. Complete the Davis Tech Admissions Form
    Make sure to have your social security number ready
  3. Pay the annual $40 fee to the cashier in Student Services
  4. Meet with and enrollment technician in Student Services to complete your schedule and enroll in classes
  5. Start Classes