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Course Descriptions - Certificate of Program Completion (Catalog Year: 2020)
EMST 0001 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Orientation0 Hours
Students in this program must demonstrate competency handling medical emergencies by properly utilizing basic life support equipment, assessing patients, performing CPR, using a semi-automatic defibrillator, controlling bleeding, providing non-invasive treatment of hypo perfusion, stabilizing and immobilizing injured bones and the spine, managing environmental emergencies and handling emergency childbirth.
EMST 1017 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician148 Hours
This course is designed to provide additional education for the Emergency Medical Technician with a heavy emphasis on clinical problem solving and decision making in the field. Students will demonstrate competency handling emergencies utilizing basic and advanced life support equipment, and provide advanced life support using intravenous therapy, a defibrillator and advanced airway adjuncts to control the airway in cases of respiratory and cardiac arrest.
EHIT 1120 Medical Terminology90 Hours
This course provides the student with the necessary skills to interpret and define medical terminology, in order to be successful in the pursuit of health occupation careers. This is accomplished by utilizing a method of study that not only instructs the students in building medical terms but also gives the student immediate application in utilizing the medical term.
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